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Criminal Law

Since 1991, Attorney Robert H. Prince has served the greater Rockingham County, New Hampshire successfully defending many individuals charged with a variety of crimes.  Attorney Prince will thoroughly investigate every element of an alleged crime, while aggressively representing his clients in court with the goal of providing them with a not guilty plea or, if the evidence is overwhelmingly against the client, argue for a more lenient sentence.

As your attorney, I  will help you navigate  through the legal system, and, perhaps most importantly, provide you with an honest reality check of the situation you may be facing.

Through diligence and aggressive, respected representation, Attorney Prince will ensure that you will receive competent representation throughout the entire process.

If you’ve been arrested for either a misdemeanor or violation, it is essential to have a lawyer on your side, fighting for your rights and freedom. To get the help of a experienced criminal defense attorney call the Law Office of Attorney Robert H. Prince today at 603-401-0409 or 617-721-9141 for a free consultation. 

And just as importantly, if you have been convicted in the past of either a felony, misdemeanor, or violation, you may be entitled to have that conviction annulled under New Hampshire law.  To find out whether you are eligible, call the Law Office of Robert H. Prince at the number above, it could be a life changer!

Criminal Law: Practice Areas
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